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How to do Manicure at Home with Home Ingredients

7 Quick And Easy Manicure At Homemade Recipe



Scrubs and Masks are the latest trends today. It gives you a feeling of relaxation and freshness. Whether it is for face or hair, we spend lot of money on Salons and buying products.
Did I missed something above "YESwhat about Nails?         

Grooming Nails on timely basis is very important, 2 main reasons are they can harbor to dirt and infection. Well manicured clean hands gives an impression of a well groomed Lady.
There are lot of scrubs and masks available in Market but did you ever thought by using basic Home products you can prepare an Organic Scrub and Mask for Nails. 
Here we go with the List....

1. Lemon and Vinegar

Soak your nails in lemon juice for about 10 to 15 minutes. Make a mixture of half spoon vinegar and warm water (not to hot) and apply it on nails with a tooth brush or nail brush. Then rinse the nails with warm water. Do this at least twice a week and you can see your nails to be more clean and shiny.                                                                                          

2. Olive oil and brown sugar Scrub

Make a mixture of Olive oil and Brown sugar. Generously scrub on the nails and hand for few Minutes. Wash your hand with lukewarm water. This scrub is really good for moisturizing specially when nail gets dry up after removing nail polish.

3. Chickpeas and Turmeric

Make a mixture of yogurt, Chickpeas and add a pinch of Turmeric. It is very good for removing Tan. 
Apply on hand and massage it for a while. After few minutes wash your hands with lukewarm water.
Follow this once in a week to see good results.

4.Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, oats

Vitamin E oil, coconut oil and oats is perfect to remove dead skin cells. Just mix together this 3 ingredients and massage it well over hand and nails. Wash your hand with lukewarm water after few minutes.

5. Honey and brown sugar

A very good scrub that leaves your hand soft and fresh. Mix both the ingredients and make a smooth paste. Apply on the hand and palm and massage in circular motion. Wash your hand with warm water after few minutes. 

You would really enjoy this as it gives a feeling of relaxation Ahhh. Do this once in a week and I ensure your nails would be healthy and beautiful.