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8 Useful Beach Vacation must that you SHOULD add to Wardrobe

8 Useful Beach Vacation must that you SHOULD add to Wardrobe

Either it is a long trip or a weekend gateway, we usually get puzzled choosing the right accessory that is really required for the trip.

Don’t get up ending by keeping all your favorite accessory. Thing wise and choose the one which is versatile and really needed. Here is the list of 8 Vacation must have that you add to your Wardrobe

1) Sunglasses

A perfect trending accessory which gives a fantastic look and increase your style quotient. Not only it protects from harmful UV rays but gives a gracefulness to what you wear.

Latest in trend are Aviator, cat eye and round. Read more here: 3 Essential Sunglasses Styles Every Women Should Own

2) White T shirt

An ultimate summer layering accessory, a simple and humble white shirt. You can wear it with jeans, denims shorts or pair it up with any bright color dress.

In summer it helps you from heat stroke and tanning. You can go either with a lace or chiffon material to look more trendy and elegant or with a thick material to give more protection. Pick the one with an understanding of which fabric suits you the most and ideal for the weather.

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3) Funky jewellery

Rock your trip with these 2 must have earring styles:

Hoop Earrings: 

The modern and playful touch of hoop earrings gives you a very trendy look. You can wear them with chic, super casual, in fact with any outfit. It blends very well with a high pony tail but due to its biz size it also looks good with hair down.

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Tassel earrings: 

A great style which gives a boho and a chic look. A bold tassel earring can blend very well with a plain dress. Be it a walk on the beach, a walk on the streets or a night party, you can choose from a variety of range available.

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4) Flip flops & Travel shoes

Flip Flop:

A good pair of flip flop is a must especially if you are going for a beach vacation. Why get sand in your feet 😊

Apart from beach you can even wear it for evening strolls. Bright colors or glittered straps, accessorized with stones works best for parties.

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Comfortable shoes:

I believe don't sacrifice comfort or style when you are travelling. Always keep something comfortable enough to get through a full day sightseeing. Remember pain to your feet can became pain to the trip. 
My favourite picks are white & black that can carry any outfit.

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5) Tote Bag

A perfect roomy bag that can carry all your essentials. Oversized Tote bags are most trending, with bright colors or a funky prints.
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6) Sarong/Scarf

A sarong is an all-purpose piece for a holiday. There are many creative ways to use a sarong; Beach skirt, tie it around waist for a beach dress, and can be used as scarf and beach mat.

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7) Hat

An ultimate accessory for travelling, not only it protects from harmful sun rays but also gives a style quotient to your entire look.

If you feel you will need extra space to carry a big hat, then you just need to flip hat upside down and place on the surface of suitcase. Fill the crown space with small items like t-shirts or undergarments. So in your next vacation don’t leave your favorite hat behind.

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8) Umbrella

If you are travelling to a place where it rains or is extremely sunny, a lightweight umbrella protects against rain and harmful UV rays. Adding to this, one can take photos without getting camera wet or cover purse and bag.