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How to create a Culture of Innovation in the Workplace

Effective Ways to create Culture of Innovation

Create culture of Innovation in the workplace

What is Innovation
- Do you thing it is something really Big? Does it means Invention of a product or service?

Let us deep dive and clear out the myths

The word innovation seems something big when you hear about it. In fact, we often make it a complex to understand.

Companies talk a lot about innovation and to sustain in the industry there is lot of pressure on managers to bring something innovative from the teams.

The message to the team should be very clear. Innovation doesn't invariably mean inventing a replacement or product, software system or service. It could be an automation or improvement in existing work which will ease the life of our employees or customers. Also read How companies are using Technology and data to transform themselves 

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5 Simple Steps for Everyday Innovation

Create culture of Innovation in the workplace

Building up the culture is not a one day job, it takes longer than you think. Here are the 8 steps which are proven extremely effective to develop a positive culture for Innovation.

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1. Changing the Mindset

  • Do not measure the success of an innovation with the business KPIs.

2. Provide Tools & Platform

  • Give them the tools, platform, products and space as this will create a purpose and give ownership.

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3. Motivate

  • Motivate the employees to innovate in day to day business activities.
  • Encourage the teams thought/ideas

4. Show the outcome to the Team and Management

  • Employees can be discouraged if there innovation is disappeared and never presented.

5. Innovation Day

  • Keep every month an Innovation day where the team can come up with there suggestions, improvement areas, present there innovation or even think about opportunities they see

6. Manager's contribution

  • Often employees can't explain what can innovation means for the company and how can they contribute. Skills and information a key for being innovative and creative. Become an facilitator.

7. Hire people with Innovation mindset

  • Recruit people with innovative mindset and build up team of creative thinkers.

8. Award/ Recognition

  • Award always have a strong attention and this will encourage other employees to think about an innovations