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How to Establish Hair Care Routine for Ultimate Hair

How to Establish Hair Care Routine for Ultimate Hair

Hair Care Routine

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With the daily amidst of life , the one issue that bears the force in your self care routine is your hair. Be it frizzy or straight, each hair kind deserves an explicit quantity of care to feel and appearance at its best. This article will help to understand the best practices for hair care, best food to improve hair quality and home made mask for lustrous and shiny hair. Keep Reading

In this Article

  • Tips for Hair Care Routine
  • Homemade Hair mask
  • Best Food and Nutrition for Hair
  • Frequently asked questions for Hair care

Tips For Hair Care Routine

1. Do not Comb wet hair

When the hair becomes wet, chance of hair loss is high. It is recommended do not comb your hair  and do not make its braid. The moisture will remain intact resulting into dandruff additionally the hair will become weak. Keep the wet hair open and dry it up naturally.

2. Use warm water

Washing hair in hot water might dry out the hair. Additionally, if dyed, will fade the color. Simply switch to lukewarm water, you don't need to endure cold or freezing cold shower.

3. Incorrect use of conditioners

To protect the hair from pollution and dust and to bring shine, use of conditioner is very important. However many of us use it incorrectly. When applying conditioner on hair, wash the hair completely with water. This will facilitate preventing from hair fall, dandruff and split end. When applying conditioner on hair, wash the hair completely with water.

4. Using Heat Products for Drying and Styling

Frequent use of Heat products for styling and drying can leave the hair weak after some time.

For drying up the hair use of hair dryer oftentimes will damage the hair in long haul and therefore the shine of hair is lost. Let your hair dry up naturally and additionally avoid using Straightener, Hair dryer and Curler without using heat protector products. These sprays prevent exposure to extreme heat.

5. Swap Shampoo and Conditioner with season change

You might have hear swapping of hair care products as the season change. When the winter months hit, several ought to select product with further hydrating properties. Thicker creams also are favored.

But within the hotter summer season, you will need to decide on a lot of light-weight formulas to assist hair keep bouncy within the face of humidness.

6. Hair Trimming

The benefits of Hair Trimming remains not understood by 90% people. Trimming removes the Old weak hair. It's counseled to Trim hair each every 3 months.

7. Use proper Brush to Comb Hair

Wet hair is fragile with lots of moisture. Immediately combing hair after hair wash can break the hair. Either comb the hair before wash or detangle it using fingers. Let the hair get dry and do not use hard brush comb.

8. Avoid use of Tight Rubber bands after Hair Wash

As wet hair is fragile, do not tie up your hair tightly immediately when hair wash. Let it get dry up and then it is recommended to style your hair.

9. Hair Massage

The risk of a bacterial or fungal infection due to accumulation of dirt on the head is high. Additionally, there's risk of dandruff , due to which the hair weakens up and starts falling. Its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties helps to eliminate any infection and keeps it hydrated. Do not miss to Massage hair till roots once applying the hair oil. Regular oiling makes hair swish, shiny and can increase blood circulation. Applying oil properly on hair is additionally vital, the oil ought to go into the roots.

10. Home made Hair Mask

Home made Hair mask is beneficial for smoothing, shining and repairing broken cuticle. Hair masks have identical primary purpose as your everyday conditioner to deliver hydration and improve your strands' condition.
Generally, your hair mask ought to be used once or double per week.

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Secret Hair Mask Recipe

We have curated a list of Secret Hair Mask for lustrous, shiny and strong hair.

Onion Paste

Onion helps to darken your white hair. Apply onion paste to your hair shortly before bathing daily for a few days. With this, your white hair will start turning black, but at the same time hair fall will also stop.

Lemon and Gooseberry do wonders

There is no need to tell how beneficial lemon and gooseberry are for hair. Both these substances rich in Vitamin-C are no less than an elixir for hair. If you want to darken your white hair, then mix gooseberry paste with lemon juice and apply it on the head. By doing this regularly, your hair will start turning black in a few days. Apart from eating gooseberry, add lemon to gooseberry powder and apply regularly. Applying gooseberry powder mixed with water after shampoo not only conditions the hair but also maintains its color.

Sesame is beneficial for hair

Sesame oil is not only good for hair, but its consumption is also very beneficial. If you include sesame seeds in your diet, then your hair can stay black and thick for a extended time.

Yogurt and Black Pepper

Three to four times a week, mix half a cup of curd with a pinch of black pepper and a spoonful of lemon juice and apply it on the hair. Wash hair after 15 minutes. This mask is good for shiny and smooth hair.

Top Food for Hair

1. Spinach

Spinach is rich in Vitamin E, C, Iron, potassium and magnesium. Vitamin E and C can improve keratin and collagen level in scalp which can improve hair growth.

2. Berries

Berries are rich in anti oxidant and help hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules. It includes vitamin C which helps to prevent from brittle hair and straighten hair.

3. Egg

Egg yolk is a rich source of Biotin. Biotin produces hair proteins called Keratin which forms a protective layer over hair and protects it. Hence you see Keratin treatment has become very popular among salons. 

4. Yogurt

Greek yogurt helps blood flow in scalp, improves hair growth and reduces hair fall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Oil is best for Hair?

   A  Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil and Rosemary Oil are some of the best Oils

Q2. How often Shall I wash my Hair?

   A  2-3 times a week

Q3.  Which top foods should be part of Daily meal?

   A Yogurt, seeds, green leafy vegetable, eggs

Q4. Why my hair becomes greasy quite often?

   A Sebum is a substance in form of oil which is produced by body itself and support your hair and scalp keeping strong and healthy.

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